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TAEMIN interview with S Cawaii Magazine 2016

S Cawaii September 2016 Issue

scans cr: haruru (on weibo)

[September interview]

·       September 2016 interview

Divine coolness and angel-like cuteness, two sides that captivate all women!

KEY WORD 01 – Angel
Taemin is an Angel
I thought “Why?” *laughs* Though I’m happy that everyone said that I’m like an angel, but for me it’s a bit embarrassing.
I also made mistake and there are times I got angry too. I’m really thankful that they only see/ focus on my good side of all sides I have shown.
Also, if there’s an image of me who always smiles widely/ grinning, it’s because I was having fun.
I think when doing concert or live show I naturally smiled because I was in front of everyone who can sympathize with our music.

SHINee’s Maknae
Even if the members weren’t present when I’m doing solo activities, I don’t feel lonely. Although I felt lonely the first time, I released solo album in Korea, I gradually got used to it.
Sometimes I look up what the members are doing on the internet, I thought “what are they doing lately” and then search online. When I know that they’re doing well, then it’s fine. *laughs*
Since we’re all men we don’t really contact each other frequently. When I played game on my free time, I think “it would be good if members are with me”.
Since playing game alone isn’t fun! *laughs*

KEY WORD 03 – Cool
His cool face is chic!
If I show a cool face on stage, I think it’s because at that moment I was focusing on the song.
At concert when everyone watched that moment, they’re going to think “Taemin suddenly changed!”.
For me it’s important to get into the song’s emotions. When listening to the song, if a really strong emotion come out-
It’s not that I think “this song should be presented like this” in my head, but I think if I focus I will naturally fall into the emotion of the song.

KEY WORD 04 – Ikemen (Pretty Boy)
The most powerful pretty boy!
I think my face resembles both my mum and my dad. The part that I like from myself is my lips. They’re extremely soft so it’s interesting when touching them. *laughs*
However, my lips didn’t take after my mum nor my dad. I’m the only one with thick lips among my family members. There are times my skin is clear, but there are also times when my condition is bad, and my skin become rough too. So, it’s important to control my health. Last year when preparing for Tokyo Dome concert, I limit/ restrict my meal and my skin got so much better. 
The image of a man that I think is cool is if that person focuses on their work and do it properly.
With that meaning, I wonder “Am I still a child?” *laughs* I got motivated when I see professional side of someone in my age.
I want to be like that too.

KEY WORD 05 – Mysterious
Private life is a mystery!?
Is it a mystery? *laughs* In private, I often went to place with not much people. There’s a café near my house.
I also went bowling or billiard and several sports with my friend.
My private life is merely like that. *laughs*

KEY WORD 06 – Meat
Speaking of Taemin, meat
Lately I’m really into tonkatsu (pork cutlets)! Especially when eating this brand’s pork meat, ‘TOKYO X’ (pork meat brand) I ate pork meat from pig that brought up eating only natto called ‘natto pork’.
I also like roast. It’s delicious to eat it with a lot of sauce and a bit mustard.
The secret to not gaining weight? I’m originally not the type who gain weight (easily), also I move and walk around a lot, so I think I don’t gain weight even if I ate a lot of meat.
Maybe my metabolism is better than others. Everyone please dance a lot too! *laughs*

KEY WORD 07 – Japanese
I also working hard on my Japanese!
I’m studying through talking with staffs around me in Japanese.
Recently, Japanese word that I remembered is ‘regular customer’ when I did interview that word was fairly used, so the staff told me. It was from Japanese gag ‘(DACHO CLUB’s) dozo dozo’. *laughs* For example when you say “(who) want to clean~!?” originally no one wants to do cleaning.
At first everyone will raise their hands, but in the end people who raise their hand will say “Go ahead go ahead”, it’s that kind of gag.
I often see it on TV. From now on I will try my best to make various expressions that I can have in Japanese.

KEY WORD 08 – Barbie
Ideal type is barbie!?
My ideal type is a girl that look like a barbie. Someone with face that look like a doll and have a good style. *laughs*
And lately, I came to think that someone with Kyoto lady personality is nice.
I heard that Kyoto ladies’ (use of) words and personalities are soft/ gentle.

KEY WORD 09 – Mini Album
Mini album is a big hit!
Up to now, as SHINee or as a solo, the music that I’ve been doing was pop. But this time in order to show a fresh image, the album was made with incorporating oriental mood in it. There are parts in the lyrics that are expressed in such poetic way that I, a foreigner, don’t understand well.
For example, ‘Sayonara hitori’ I don’t really understand that words, but I’m trying my best to understand it with my own interpretation, so I can present/ express it as music.
In the mini album, ‘Sayonara Hitori’ is my favorite. I think it’s a song that only I can do.
Though there are parts that lacking, I think I have the opportunity to show a new genre called oriental EDM and a new me.
I made this album with thought that I want to be seen not as SHINee’s Taemin, but as the one artist TAEMIN, so I’m happy if I’m able to convey this properly.

KEY WORD 10 – Dance
Truly a dance machine!
This mini album’s title song ‘Sayonara Hitori’ was choreographed by dancer Sugawara Koharu-san.
In order to show a dance that matches the lyrics and the song’s atmosphere, the introduction and the conclusion was presented through dance.
In the middle of the song when it became EDM, (the dance) became a very intense dance. I think it’s good if you pay attention to the gap between the dance that expressing the lyrics beautifully and the lyrics itself, I personally think it’s charming. Expressing the poetic lyrics through dance this time for me it’s difficult. I have to dance while singing and thinking about how to express the meaning of the lyrics.
However, Sugawara Koharu-san works hard to understand all I want to do and made the choreography so that I can show the best.

S Cawaii October 2016 Issue

scans cr: haruru (on weibo)

[October interview]

  • October 2016 interview

What if there are no more computers in this world? I think I will buy it again *lol*

Q. What do you enjoy when you come to Japan?
TM: Enjoying various food. It’s because I like Japanese food.
Now I want to eat Soba and Tonkotsu ramen (ramen with soup made of pork bones)! Also, beef katsu!

Q. Taemin is the youngest in SHINee, is there something that the members often told you to pay attention to?
TM: They said to not forget/ lost my stuffs. Nobody search for it (the stuff TM lost) together now......But the members are taking after me, they also often lost their stuffs too now. *laughs*

Q. What do you always bring when you come to Japan?
TM: Computer/ laptop. It’s for playing games.

Q. Please tell us the percentage of things that filled Taemin’s head?
TM: 50% thinking of first mini album release, then 20% learning Japanese, 5% hair color. *laughs* 10% is searching for delicious restaurants, the remaining 15% is... 5% is billiard, 5% coffee’s caffeine power, the last 5% is family!... Ah, family is a few (percent), anyway for now my head is filled with work. *laughs*

Q. What makes you surprised recently?
TM: It was always raining the day I came to Japan. This time too, it rained the day I came to Japan.

Q. To Taemin, what’s the thing that you can’t live without?
TM: A handphone. No, I think it’s okay if I don’t have handphone. *laughs* Computer! What if there are no computers in this world? I think I will buy another one. *laughs* Ah! If (there’s no more computer) in this world... then I’m just going to play game on another game console.

I like smell of shampoo and natural scent, not perfume

Q.  What kind of perfume did you use? Also, what kind of scent you like on women?
TM: I don’t really like perfume. Not perfume but I like scent of shampoo or natural scent on women.

Q. Which part of women that catches your attention the most?
TM: I don’t think there’s anything in particular... but maybe eyes? Because when you’re holding a conversation, the first thing that you look into is their eyes.

Q. What is the nickname from your family/ What does your family call you?
TM: Since I’m the youngest child in my family, my mother calls me “Puppy”. *laughs*
In Korea, they called child, grandchildren or a little child something like “Puppy”.

Q. Your nickname since you were little?
TM: My name is Taemin, so people called me “Temiri”. In Korean, there’s ttaemiri(1), (they called me that) because the pronunciation is somewhat similar (with Taemin).
(1) Ttaemiri (때밀이) means a professional scrubber who scrubs people’s back at public bathhouse.

Q. What kind of child are you when you were little?
TM: I was a very quiet child. I was obedient/ quiet. When coming back home with my mom and ride the elevator, there are other people riding as well right? At the time I would hide behind my mother.

Q. If you were to say something about your personality?
TM: An odd/ strange person...!? (Taemin confirm it with the staffs, whole staff nods) *laughs*
I don’t really know it myself, but I heard quite a lot people around me say so. *laughs*

Q. Please tell us what you bought recently
TM: A Segway-like ride(2). Truthfully when planning for fan club limited edition magazine (SEEK magazine) Onew-san won and received it as a prize, but I bought it because I broke it. *laughs* It’s not broken down (completely) so I use it at home to move around inside the house.
(2) Segway-like ride he talked about here is actually a hoverboard (see SEEK vol 008)

Q. What kind of attitude/ pose in a girl that makes your heart pounding?
TM: When they look at someone gently/ softly.

Q. What beverages you often drink?
TM: Though I often drink Iced Americano, I also often drink mocha or something sweet.

Q. What that makes you happy if told by a girl?
TM: “You’re sexy” being called cool also makes me happy. I am happy when I got praised but when a woman told me I’m sexy, I think they must have really thought so!

When I was looking at the rain, I naturally felt lonely and became saddened

Q. Can you please tell us specifically what’s inside your room?
TM: There are sofas, bed, and furniture in my room has antique and classic feel. There are also a fridge, a TV, and computer. Oh, I have two sofas. If you ask why I have 2 sofas, it’s because the styles are different. *laughs*

Q. What was the saddest thing you experienced recently?
TM: I don’t think there is... Ah! Not long ago I was zoning out by myself, it started to rain. When I was looking at the rain, I naturally felt lonely and became saddened.

Q. Have you ever gone to convenience store? Please tell what you often bought at convenience store.
TM: Of course, I went. What I often bought from the store is coffee milk. There’s one particular coffee milk which I especially like. *laughs*

Q. Which Japanese word that you think the pronunciation is cute?
TM: The sound “F” in Katakana. It’s cute that the sound pa-pi-pu-pe-po (파-피-푸-페-포) in Korean is fa-fi-fu-fe-fo (ファ-フィ-フ-ェ-フォ) in Japanese.

Q. What makes you laughed the most recently?
TM: I laughed watching variety show called “MONITORING” (Viewing Variety – Monitoring) (3). They installed a hidden camera then monitor whether they believe the urban legend or not.
(3) ニンゲン察バラエティ『モニタリング』 or Ningen Kansatsu Variety ‘Monitoring’ is a Japanese TV Show. On this show they set situations that are impossible in everyday life and observe what action people take through the hidden cameras they installed from every angle.
T/N: Taemin often talked about this one particular episode of the show before, but I only got one video of him talking about it. See here.

Q. I heard you often forgot/ lost your things, but what was the biggest thing you forgot?
TM: Wallets, mobile phones, etc. are small but they are important. *laughs*

Q. When you came to Japan, what did you do mostly with your members in your room?
TM: When I came to Japan, play a game! Isn’t it *laughs* Recently, Onew-san, Jonghyun-san and I are into playing game. Since I have lots of work overseas, I brought my computer with me and do a hobby I can do in my room. That is (playing) game!

Q. What’s your favorite dish that was made by your family?
TM: Kimchi stew. The Kimchi stew made by my mom is particularly delicious!

Q. There’s an impression that Taemin said, “I will not cry”, please tell me what made you actually cry in secret!
TM: That’s not it. I may have cried in my dreams, but when I woke up no tears come out. Though tears come out when I yawn. *laughs*

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